The UM Cultural & Arts U-teams members visit the National Security Education Exhibition (2022)
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The UM Cultural & Arts U-teams members visited
the National Security Education Exhibition (2022)

  In response to the patriotic education policy of the Macau Special Administrative Region, and to enhance the awareness of new Macao youths about national security, around 60 UM Cultural & Arts U-teams students visited the "National Security Education Exhibition" on the 6 May 2022 (Friday).

  The exhibition was organised by the Macao Special Administrative Region and the Liaison Office of the Central Government in the Macao Special Administrative Region, and is held at the China-Portuguese-speaking countries business cooperation service platform complex from 15 April to 15 May 2022. This is the seventh "National Security Day" of our country. There were a picture display area and a short file area.

  After the visit, the students said that what they saw in the exhibition could promote their due responsibilities to the country and Macao as Chinese, and further enhanced their homeland sentiments. Cheang Chi Ian, first-year UM student, a member of the Honors College, Faculty of Business Administration, Chao Kuang Piu College, and the UM English Debating Team member, said after visiting the exhibition, she knew that it was everyone’s obligation to fight against COVID-19 together, maintain the harmony as well as safeguard the sovereignty of our country. I like the game booths at the last session that made us know more about national security.

  It is everyone's responsibility to safeguard national security. By visiting the National Security Education Exhibition, students will understand the hundred-year unchanged national stability and the obligation on national security, as well as the latest development in optimizing the national security system.