Activity Series of World Environment Day 2021
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Dear colleagues and students,


The World Environment Day is on 5th June. To promote energy conservation and waste reduction, as well as to have an eco-friendly lifestyle, Environmental Protection Bureau of the Government of Macao S.A.R. is organizing a series of activities, including "Waste Reduction and Energy Conservation" Actions, "Casual Clothing in Summer for Energy Conservation", "Lights-off 1 Hour" Campaign (details please refer to the bulletin of ES), "5% Energy Saving" Action, and Festival of the World Environment Day of the Greater Bay Area. You are cordially invited to join!

Waste Reduction and Energy Conservation
Waste Reduction and Energy Conservation
  • When dining out, bring your own reusable bags and utensils. Reduce the use of plastic bags and one-time-use utensils.
  • Always be reminded to "value the food and reduce the waste" when dining out or purchasing food.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle in daily life.
  • Develop the recycling habit and participate in the "Recycle in Buildings is very Easy" activity, and "Electronic and Electrical Appliances Recycling" campaign. Recycle the following items: paper, metal, plastic, glass bottles, batteries, fluorescent light tubes, electronic and electrical appliances, and food waste.
  • 《Construction Material Waste Management Regime》is in force. Think over again before throwing away construction waste. Avoid unnecessary demolition.
  • Maintain the temperature of air-conditioner not less than 25℃; or adjust the usual temperature 1℃ higher.
  • Turn off the screen of the computer when not in use, especially when leaving for meetings or during lunch breaks.
  • Try to turn off the air-conditioner 15 minutes earlier before getting off work.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights, computers and electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Turn off the engine when not driving the vehicles, including during long waiting time.


If you would like to learn more about the "5% Energy Saving" Action, Festival of the World Environment Day of the Greater Bay Area, as well as other information of the World Environment Day, please refer to the website of Environment Protection Bureau.

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