Activity Series of World Environment Day 2021
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Dear colleagues and students,


The World Environment Day is on 5th June. To promote energy conservation and waste reduction, as well as to have an eco-friendly lifestyle, Environmental Protection Bureau of the Government of Macao S.A.R. is organizing a series of activities, including "Waste Reduction and Energy Conservation" Actions, "Casual Clothing in Summer for Energy Conservation", "Lights-off 1 Hour" Campaign (details please refer to the bulletin of ES), "5% Energy Saving" Action, and Festival of the World Environment Day of the Greater Bay Area. You are cordially invited to join!

Casual Clothing in Summer for Energy Conservation
Casual Clothing in Summer for Energy Conversation

Activity Period: 8 June to 31 August, 2021
  • Wear light and cool casual clothes to work if uniform or suit is not necessary for official purpose.
  • Casual clothes should be neat and decent in order to maintain the proper professional image.
  • Choose light-weighted, light-colored, cool but opaque clothes.
  • Men may wear T-shirts or polo shirts, while ladies may wear shirts with sleeves and pants.
  • Do not wear shorts, vests, slippers or other clothes that expose the body.
  • Wear light-weighted uniform if it is necessary for work purpose. Without affecting the professional image, coat or tie may not be needed.


If you would like to learn more about the "5% Energy Saving" Action, Festival of the World Environment Day of the Greater Bay Area, as well as other information of the World Environment Day, please refer to the website of Environment Protection Bureau.

Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs