Notice Regards PGH & S1 Residents Movement and Hygiene during Epidemic Prevention Period
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Department :SAO-SRSPosted Date : 03/02/2020
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Notice Regards PGH & S1 Residents Movement and Hygiene during Epidemic Prevention Period

1. Students or staff currently not on campus is not allowed to return to PGH & S1. Special approval from respective Vice Rector must be granted in advance, if there is special situation and required to return. Self-quarantine for 14 days is required for residents who approved to return (As per instruction from Higher Education Bureau);

2. If you need to pick up personal items in PGH & S1, please proceed before 5 February. Please report to management company upon arrival, and proceed to your room together with personnel from management company, and to leave within 30 minutes;

3. Must report to management company about your personal information and the time for every entry to / exit from PGH. Please report the places that you are going to or returning from, for every entry / exit from PGH (According to the latest guideline from the Higher Education Bureau, in house students who left Macau is not allowed to return to PGH);

4. Any residents who left from PGH or S1 and not able to return on the same day, proper justification must be provided. Otherwise, it is defined as withdrawal of accommodation, and must check-out from PGH / S1 immediately;

5. Please use sanitization gel to clean your hands, record body temperature and put on a mask whenever you enter PGH;

6. Always put on a mask even if you are within campus;

7. While feeling unwell, please report to management company immediately;

8. All information provided must be truth, and subject to legal responsibility for not complying so;

9. Contact number of management company: 88222531 / 88222518.

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