Health Tips (02/2020): Use Alcohol and Bleach Safely
健康小貼士 (02/2020):安全使用酒精及漂白水
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Department :HSEOPosted Date : 19/02/2020
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Dear colleagues and students,

Personal hygiene and environmental hygiene are important in preventing the epidemic. 75% alcohol and bleach are common and effective disinfectants. Besides paying attention to hygiene, we should also use these disinfectants safely.

75% Alcohol
· Open the windows when disinfecting household with alcohol; keep good ventilation.
· Do not use alcohol near flame, lighter, smoking, etc.
· Cover the container tightly after use; store it in a cool place and away from combustibles, such as cooking stove, power outlet, etc.; avoid putting it under direct sunlight.
· Do not spray alcohol in indoor area; wipe it instead.  
· Store suitable amount of alcohol at home only; do not store too much.

· If your clothes are on fire accidentally, remove them quickly or cover them with thick and wet towel; seek help from Fire Services Bureau if needed.

· As bleach irritates mucous membranes, the skin and the airway, wear masks, gloves and other protective materials when using it.
· Do not mix bleach with other household detergents as toxic gas may be produced.
· Use cold water when diluting; hot water will decompose the ingredients.
· Avoid using bleach on metal, wool, nylon, silk, dyed fabric and painted surface.
· Undiluted bleach liberates toxic gas when exposed to sunlight, therefore it should be stored in a cool and shaded place.
· Store suitable amount of bleach at home only; do not store too much.
· If bleach gets into the eyes, rinse with water for at least 15 minutes and consult a doctor immediately.

· Special Webpage against Epidemics, Health Bureau of Government of Macao, S.A.R.
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If you would like to read more health tips, you may refer to the website of HSEO

Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs

(Ref: PPC/HSEO/058)