Macao Energy Conservation Week 2020: Easy Ways to Conserve Energy
澳門節能週2020: 節能妙法
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Dear colleagues and students,

The Macao Energy Conservation Week 2020 will be held from 14 to 20 June. You may refer to the e-bulletin that issued earlier or the website of Office for the Development of the Energy Sector (GDSE) for details. It is very easy to conserve energy. There are many way to save energy in our daily life.

  • Choose energy-saving and durable LED lights.
  • Make good use of outdoor natural light, and reduce the use of electric lights.
  • Have ceilings and walls with light-colored series; this helps to improve the brightness of lights.

  • The temperature should not be less than 25°C, or adjust the temperature to 1°C higher than the usual one.
  • Close the doors and windows to prevent the loss of cool air when the air-conditioner is turned on.
  • Pre-set to turn off the air-conditioner half an hour earlier than usual.

  • Use fans instead of air-conditioners as much as possible; open the windows when the fan is turned on to let outdoor natural wind in and to form convection.
  • Use low wind-speed as much as possible; the lower the wind-speed is, the more energy can be saved.

  • Turn off the television immediately when no one is watching it; avoid having the sound of television as background music.
  • Don't set the television to standby mode.
  • The screen of television should not be too bright and the sound should not be too loud.

  • Store food up to a volume of 80% of the refrigerator; do not store too much food.
  • Let the hot food cool down first before putting it into the refrigerator.
  • Check regularly if the rubber edge of the refrigerator can be tightly closed to prevent cool air from leaking out and increasing electricity consumption.

Washing Machine:
  • Wash clothes only when you have a full basket; the electricity consumption for washing a full basket of clothes and half of the basket is similar;
  • if you have to wash a small amount of clothes, you may use quick wash or half-wash program;
  • Air-dry the clothes rather than using clothes dryer.

Water Heater:
  • The temperature of water should be comfortable, but not too high;
  • Try to shorten the time for bathing;
  • It is better for family members to bath one after the other to avoid heat loss during hot water storage. Otherwise, the energy consumption is increased;
  • Switch off the water heater immediately when it is not needed.

  • Only boil water when in need; if you need hot water for a long period of time, you may consider to use insulated flask;
  • Thaw the food before cooking;
  • Use suitable size of cooking utensils according to the amount of food;
  • Make good use of vacuum pot.

Personal Computer:
  • Prefer energy-saving flat LCD monitor;
  • Use energy-saving mode; when it is not used for a certain period of time, it can be changed to sleep mode automatically;
  • Switch the computer off when it is not in use.

Electric Iron:
  • Prefer to use steam iron in which the temperature can be adjusted according to the quality of clothes;
  • Iron clothes that need higher temperature first; those that need lower temperature can be ironed even when the iron is switched off.

Hair Dryer:
  • Use towel to dry the hair as much as possible to reduce the time of using hair dryer which consumes a lot of electricity.

Source: Office for the Development of the Energy Sector (Chinese and Portuguese only)

Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs