FAH-CPC: The Stories We Have to Tell — Workshop On The Writing of Literary Fiction
人文學院中葡雙語教學暨培訓中心: 我們想要講述的故事——創意寫作工作坊
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Department :FAHPosted Date : 06/03/2019
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Date/ 日期11-14/03/2019
Time/ 時間15:00-17:30
Venue/ 地點E21-2007, Humanities and Social Sciences Building
E21-2007, 人文社科樓
Organizer/ 主辦單位Chinese-Portuguese Bilingual Teaching and Training Centre
Speaker/ 主講者Mr. José Luís Peixoto, Award-winning Novelist from Lisbon, Portugal
葡萄牙當代著名作家José Luís Peixoto先生
Content/ 內容This workshop will present and discuss the fundamental elements of fiction writing. These workshops aim to provide guidance to participants to build a literary text. Topics include:
1) Finding the central idea;
2) Strategies to develop creativity;
3) Analysis of the written works by participants; and
4) Methods — how to get the work done?

Mr. José Luís Peixoto, is one of the most acclaimed and best-selling contemporary novelists of Portugal, has seventeen productions including 6 novels, 6 fiction books, 3 poetry collections and 2 children books. All his novels have been internationally acclaimed and, so far, have been translated in 26 languages.

“我們想要講述的故事——創意寫作工作坊”旨在對已有葡語基礎的參與者進行創意寫作指導。主講人為葡萄牙當代著名作家José Luís Peixoto先生,他的小說已被譯成26種語言,獲頒多個文學獎項。
Language/ 語言Portuguese
Audience/ 對象Anyone who is interested in this topic and has sufficient command of written and spoken Portuguese
Enquiry/ 查詢Please note that there are only 20 quotas available for Mr. Peixoto to review and analyze the written exercise. Registrations are on a first-come-first-served basis. To register, please scan the QR code on the poster or visit this weblink, to complete the e-form by 3:00PM Friday (8 Mar) https://go.um.edu.mo/x9ip9fkq.

Participants must attend at least 80% of the all sessions in order to receive a Certificate of Attendance.

本次工作坊將會對20位參與者的寫作練習進行分析,名額有限,請在3月8日下午3時前報名留位。請掃描海報二維碼或點擊以下鏈接進行報名: https://go.um.edu.mo/x9ip9fkq


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