[Date Change] Have a "Tea with Professors" and discuss your plan on graduate study and career in March and April (Registration Deadline: 3 working days prior to tea meeting)
[日期更新] 參加三、四月份的「與教授茶聚」,與教授討論你的升學及生涯規劃 (茶聚前三個工作天截止報名)
Ref. No : RKUN-AJU4QHPosted by :RitaKuan/UMAC
Department :SAO-SCS-CDCPosted Date : 23/02/2017
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Campus Activity

"Tea with Professors" is an informal tea meeting which a small group of students will talk to a professor on further study and career matters. Professor will provide guidance and advice on students' graduate study and career planning, for example:

如何選擇研究生院?How to choose a graduate school?
應該到哪裡升學?Where should I go for graduate study?
畢業後的就業方向?Career development after graduation?
怎樣成為一個有競爭力的學生?How to become a competitive student?
09/03/2017吳(捷)舒用教授 Prof. Shuyong (Jie) Wu
工商管理學院 – 管理及市場學系
FBA/ Dept of Management and Marketing

管理學副教授 Associate Professor in Management
(星期四 THU)討論內容 Discussion topics:
Graduate study in UK
Career development for FBA or other students
15/03/2017*莫昇萍教授 Prof. Greta Mok
科技學院 – 電機及電腦工程系
FST/ Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Associate Professor
(星期三 WED)
11AM-12PM討論內容 Discussion topics:
*更新 Updated美國升學
Graduate study in US
Career development for students interested in working as a medical physicist
16/03/2017Prof. Timothy Kerswell
社會科學學院 – 政府與行政學系
FSS/ Dept of Government and Public Administration

Assistant Professor
(星期四 THU)
3PM-4PM討論內容 Discussion topics:
Study and work in Australia
Job applications in academia, civil service, and the NGO
Career possibilities for students major in Government & Public Administration
29/03/2017徐禮虎教授 Prof. Xu Lihu
科技學院 - 數學系
FST/ Dept of Mathematics

Assistant Professor
(星期三 WED)
3PM-4PM討論內容 Discussion topics:
Graduate study in UK and Europe
Career development for students majoring in Mathematics
06/04/2017柴麗萍教授 Prof. Mary Chai
工商管理學院 - 會計及資訊管理學系
FBA/ Dept of Accounting and Information Management

會計學副教授 Associate Professor in Accounting
工商管理學院(學生事務)助理院長 Assistant Dean (Student Affairs) of FBA
(星期四 THU)
2PM-3PM討論內容 Discussion topics:
Advices on both graduate study and career preparation for becoming a CPA

須知 Remarks
本中心提供免費茶點Free refreshment will be provided!

以上茶聚將在學生活動中心生涯發展中心外(E31-2004) 進行
The above tea meetings will be held in the area outside of Career Development Centre, Student Activity Centre (E31-2004)
報名 Registration
網上報名 Online registration : https://isw.umac.mo/eform/
(選擇SAO -> 與教授茶聚報名表/ Choose SAO -> Registration form for Tea with Professor)

茶聚前三個工作天截止報名 Please register 3 working days prior to tea meeting

The quota of each tea meeting is maximum 9 students. First-come, first-served.

Remarks: The meeting might be cancelled due to low registration number.
查詢 Enquiries
學生事務部 生涯發展中心關小姐
Ms. Rita Kuan of the Career Development Centre, Student Affairs Office

電話 Tel:8822 4916
電郵 Email:sao.career@umac.mo