Friendly Reminder: Beware of suspicious emails with intimidating contents!
溫馨提示: 注意含有恐嚇內容的可疑電郵,敬請小心!
Ref. No : ICTO-I-2019-031Posted by :JeffWai/UMAC
Department :ICTOPosted Date : 01/02/2019
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Sample of Suspicious Email (Partial content)

    To: All Users

    ICTO received report from user that they received suspicious emails containing intimidating content. The sender claimed to have hacked the operating system and user account of the user's computer, and installed a malicious program that can intercept the data at any time. Moreover, the intercepted data would be disclosed to public if user failed to pay the ransom with a digital currency within the specified period of time. Therefore we appeal to you to alert and note the following:
    • Stop and think! Do not pay any ransom;
    • Do not click any URL link or open attachments, especially the zip file or executable file (exe file);
    • Look for a clean computer to change the password of related user accounts;
    • Using anti-malware tools to scan your computers and devices.

    Please feel free to contact our Help Desk if you have any further queries.

    Thank you for your attention.

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