Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the University of Macau: "2020-2021 UM Sports Awards Presentation Ceremony" was held successfully
澳門大學40週年校慶 — 「2020-2021 澳大運動獎頒獎典禮」圓滿結束
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List of Awardees
Best UM Sports Team Athlete - MOP20,000 each
(Scholarship Sponsored by BOC (Macau) MOP20,000; Parry Group MOP20,000 and Lisboa Ltd. MOP20,000):

Outstanding UM Sports Team Athlete - MOP10,000 each
(Scholarship Sponsored by BOC (Macau) MOP40,000; Parry Group MOP30,000 and Lisboa Ltd. MOP20,000):

UM Outstanding Macau Athlete - MOP20,000 each
(Scholarship sponsored by BOC (Macau) MOP40,000 and Parry Group MOP40,000):

2020-2021 Best UM Sports Team - Team Sports
(MOP20,000, Scholarship sponsored by Parry Group):

2020-2021 Best UM Sports Team - Individual Sports
(MOP20,000,Scholarship sponsored by Parry Group):

UM Sports Team Most Valuable Athlete: MOP1,000 Each (Scholarship sponsored by UM):