Keep Implementing the Preventive Measures of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Seriously
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Department :HSEOPosted Date : 25/11/2020
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Dear colleagues and students,

As informed by Higher Education Bureau, some staff and students did not wear masks during classes. In that case, Office of Health, Safety an Environmental Affairs strongly reminds all UM members to keep implementing all preventive measures of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia seriously, especially wearing masks.

In addition, as the Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching, please pay attention to the health quarantine requirements and measures for inbound persons with different identities. Here are the information last updated on 25/11/2020:
Macao Residents.JPGMacao Residents.JPGResidents of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan region.JPGResidents of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan region.JPGForeigners.JPGForeigners.JPGResidentes de Macau.JPGResidentes de Macau.JPGResidentes do Interior da China, Hong Kong e Taiwan.JPGResidentes do Interior da China, Hong Kong e Taiwan.JPGEstrangeiros.JPGEstrangeiros.JPG

If you would like to know more about the disease development and preventive measures, please refer to the special webpages of Health Bureau and UM.

Health Bureau:


Thank you for your attention.

Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs