September - Cantonese Month Activity Series: Please say it in Cantonese (0-1 SAO SP)
九月-廣東話月系列活動:要講就講廣東話 (0-1 SAO SP)
Ref. No : EDUE-9NE76SPosted by :EuricoDuque/UMAC
Department :SAO-SRSPosted Date : 01/09/2014
Category :
Campus Activity

留名等睇戲, 3,10,17
Movie Screening


地點:E31, 學生活動中心, 多功能室 1001

第一部 ( 9月3日) -喜劇 : 爛賭夫鬥爛賭妻
第二部 ( 9月10日)-愛情片 : 分手說愛你
第三部 ( 9月17日)-動作片 : 逃出生天


請於辦公時間内到E31,學生活動中心-學生資源及服務處辦公室 2006 免費登記領取。


學生事務部-學生資源及服務處: 陸先生

Activity Introduction
The key in learning languages are to speak more and listen more, therefore, Student Affairs Office prepared 3 recent movies from Hong Kong to play for the students.

All 3 movies will be showed on Wednesdays.
Time: 19:00
Venue: E31, SAC Multi-Functional Room 1001

1st Movie (3 Sep) - Comedy : Mr. & Mrs. Gambler
2nd Movie (10 Sep) - Romance : Break Up Club
3rd Movie (17 Sep) - Action : Out of Inferno

UM students

How to get tickets:
Please come to our office at E31, Office of Student Resources and Services Section 2006 at office hours to register and get the tickets for free.
(You can get the tickets anytime before the movie starts)

1. Students who attend the WHOLE activity (one movie equals one activity) and arrive ON TIME will be given one Smart Point
2. Students who arrive late or leave early within 10 minutes will be given only half a Smart Point
3. Students who arrive late or leave early over 10 minutes will NOT be given any Smart Point
4. Students who leave the venue during the activity for over 15 minutes will NOT be given any Smart Point
5. Students are required to check in/out of the activity with Student ID Card. For those who do not respect the activity or neglect the staff’s guidance, SAO reserves the right to cancel his/her Smart Point.

Contact Person:
SAO-SRS: Mr. Eurico
Tel: 88224841
Student Affairs Office
Student Resources and Services Section