September - Cantonese Month Activity Series: Please say it in Cantonese (0-1 SAO SP)
九月-廣東話月系列活動:要講就講廣東話 (0-1 SAO SP)
Ref. No : EDUE-9NE76SPosted by :EuricoDuque/UMAC
Department :SAO-SRSPosted Date : 01/09/2014
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Campus Activity

7080懷舊粵語歌唱比賽 26
7080s 懷舊粵語歌唱比賽
7080s Cantonese Singing Contest



參賽資格: 所有就讀澳門大學的學生
- 參賽歌曲: 可選七十至八十年代粵語的歌曲
- 參賽形式: 個人或組合形式,人數不多於3
- 伴奏形式: 清唱形式演繹
- 比賽形式: 比賽分為初賽及決賽兩部份
評判: 本會將邀請相關專業人士擔任評判
評分準則: 歌唱技巧、台風、感情等方面作準則
- 初賽 - 2014912() 下午七時至十時
澳門大學學生活動中心 (暫定)
- 決賽 - 2014926() 晚上七時
澳門大學學生活動中心 (暫定)

- 方法一:於報名地點填寫報名表
- 方法二:填妥網上報名表

- 冠軍一名: 獎金為澳門幣2,000元及獎杯乙座
- 亞軍一名: 獎金為澳門幣1,000元及獎杯乙座
- 季軍一名: 獎金為澳門幣800元及獎杯乙座
- 現場人氣獎一名: 獎金為澳門幣500元及獎杯乙座
- 網上人氣獎一名: 獎金為澳門幣500元及獎杯乙座
- 最佳造型獎一名: 獎金為澳門幣500元及獎杯乙座

- 每參賽單位限時演唱自選歌曲一分半鐘(由人聲起開始計時)
- 得分最高的十二個參賽單位會進入決賽

- 第一回合,各參賽單位需演唱一首自選歌曲,得分最高的五個單位可進入第二回合
- 第二回合,得分最高的五個單位需分別演繹一首指定歌曲(歌曲會在演唱前抽選),演繹過程中將不定時暫定及播放,以考驗參賽者在各方面的技巧

- 嚴禁選用不雅歌曲參賽,本會保留最終選曲決定權
- 比賽結果以評判決定為準,不設上訴
- 出場次序由大會進行抽籤決定,參賽單位不得異議,若未能於檢錄時間內進行,檢錄的參賽單位作棄權論
- 本會保留比賽章程的修改及解釋權

查詢: 62313814 Joe / 66838773 Jojo


Our society has been promoting the development of the local music of Macau since establishment. With an aim at spreading the culture of music to every corner of Macau, we have organized the Macau Original Music Competitions for five years. This year, we are organizing a large-scale singing competition. The purpose is to provide more opportunities for the teenage to know more about music and to appreciate it. This is to cultivate them in singing as well as providing them with the platforms for pursuing their own dreams.

Student Affairs Office
UMSU Music Society

Targets: All UM Students

Content of the competition:
Songs: Chosen from the Cantonese songs of the Seventies and Eighties
Style: Individual or group with a maximum of three people
Accompaniment: Without background music
Procedures: The competition is divided into two parts which are preliminary and final
Judges: Professional judges will be invited.
Judging aspects: Singing style, performing style on stage and the expressions of the performers will be graded.

Time and venue of the competition:
For preliminary:
Time: 7:00-10:00pm, 12th September 2014
Venue: E31 (To be confirmed)
For final:
Time: start from 7:00pm, 26th September 2014
Venue: E31 (To be confirmed)

Two ways for application:
Apply in advance:
1) Fill in the application forms at the booth announced for application.
2) Fill in the application forms online.

Champion: MOP2000 and Trophy
First runner-up: MOP1000 and Trophy
Second runner-up: MOP800 and Trophy
Most Popular Award: MOP500 and Trophy
Most Popular Award Online: MOP500 and Trophy
Most Stylish Award: MOP500 and Trophy

Rules for the preliminary:
- Each contestant can perform the selecting song for 1.5 minutes. (counting from the start of the vocal heard)
- The top 12 contestants with the highest scores will enter the final.

Rules for the final:
The final round is divided into two parts:
For the first round, each contestant will perform one song of their own choice. The top 5 contestants with the highest scores will enter the second round.
For the second round, the contestants need to perform one selected song (they will pick up the song by themselves in advance). During their performance, the songs will be played with some sudden pauses so as to test the singing technique of the contestants.

- Indecent songs are prohibited in the competition. Our society reserves the rights of songs selection.
- The result of the competition is based on the decision of the judges. No appeal is allowed.
- The performing sequence of the performers is carried out by lucky-draw without objections by any performing parties. If the performing parties do not show up during the roll-call, they will be disqualified.
- Our society reserves the rights of any justifications of this competition.

Contacts: 62313814 Joe / 66838773 Jojo
UMSU MUSIC SOCIETY will keep on updating the latest information about the singing competition on the official page on Facebook.
Student Affairs Office-Student Resources and Services Section
UMSU Music Society