New UM@Connect Email Security Precautions
UM@Connect 電郵安全防護新措施
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Dear Students,

In order to enhance the security for incoming and outgoing emails further, ICTO is going to implement an extra Secure Email Gateway for UM@Connect. It can prevent SPAM, phishing, ransomware, graymail and malware from reaching your mailbox. The implementation will be conducted on 20 January, 2021 and there will be no service interruption during the mentioned period.

After the implementation, if the Secure Email Gateway detects any incoming malicious email, the email will be quarantined. A “Quarantined Email Digest” email listing all the quarantined emails will be delivered to your mailbox everyday at 8:00 p.m. You can also go to your “Quarantine console” and login with your UMPASS to view and manage your quarantined email. For detailed steps to login console, manage messages, approve or block senders, please refer to this FAQs.

All the product promotions, e-Newsletters and other bulk emails will be quarantined automatically. If you want to receive those bulk emails, you can select the email in the Quarantine consoleand click “Deliver & Approve Sender”.

Please also be reminded that UM email systems do not allow users to send or receive email with auto-executable attachment (e.g. .exe, .vbs, etc) as they are commonly used to transmit viruses or malicious software. Please click here for more details.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact our Help Desk.

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