Service Introduction of Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs (HSEO)
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Dear colleagues and students,

The new academic year has just started. Staff and students meet in campus again and enjoy their work, study and research here. Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs (HSEO) aims to assist in providing a safe, healthy and sustainable campus environment and in enhancing the health, safety and environmental awareness of staff and students.

Here are the main services of HSEO and information related to health, safety and environmental protection:

Healthcare Services
Medical Center of UM, located in Room G002, ground floor of UM Sports Complex, provides medical consultation, nursing and first aid services, measurement services of height, weight, blood pressure and body fat percentage to staff and students.

Please refer to the webpage regarding the operation hours and service charge
Smoke-free Campus
Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control was enforced for a few years. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor areas in UM, except designated smoking zones. It is also stated in the law that smoking is prohibited in bus stops and areas within 10 meters from the bus stops. Offenders are liable to a maximum fine of MOP1,500.

Please refer to the link below for the designated smoking zones on campus
Control and Preventive Measures of the Pandemic of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia
UM highly cooperates with the Macao S.A.R government on the control and preventive measures of the pandemic. You are reminded to pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, wear a mask, and keep social distance.

Please refer to the webpage below for details of the measures in UM
Campus Safety
Annual fire drill, occupational health & safety training as well as seminar, occupational health & safety assessment, and campus safety inspection are conducted to ensure the campus environment is safe for work and study.
Environmental Management
HSEO has been participating in establishing the environment management system to create a sustainable green campus. UM has successfully obtained certification of ISO14001, in recognition of its commitment to environmental protection.
Laboratory Safety and Occupational Hygiene
To support UM to be an important research institution in Macao, HSEO is responsible for laboratory safety management, handling and management of dangerous chemicals in laboratories, occupational hygiene monitoring, laboratory safety training, laboratory accident and incident investigation, etc.
Food Safety
Conduct food safety monitoring, basic food hygiene training, and food safety related incident investigation, etc. to ensure food sold in campus meet hygiene requirement.
Healthy University
As a member of the "Asia Pacific Network of Healthy Universities", HSEO promotes healthy lifestyle, campus safety and environmental protection by working with Health & Environmental Protection Ambassadors to organize various kinds of promotional activities and training.

Please refer to the webpage regarding the annual Healthy University Week

Lastly, you are welcome to visit the HSEO website for more information

Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs