Student Housing: Postgraduate House Accommodation Application for 2nd semester of Academic Year 2017/2018 (Deadline: 20 Nov 2017)
學生住宿:申請2017/2018學年第二學期研究生宿舍住宿(截止日期: 2017年11月20日)
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PGH Accommodation Application for 2017/2
Dear Postgraduate Students,

The application of Postgraduate House (PGH) accommodation for the 2nd semester of 2017/2018 is now opened for current postgraduate students*.
* No matter if you are currently staying in our Postgraduate House or not, if you would like to occupy a bed-space in the upcoming semester, you are required to fill in this application.

Please note that the number of bed-spaces in PGH is limited. For better arrangement, kindly fill in the application within the application period: 6 to 20 Nov 2017
由於研究生宿舍床位有限, 請務必於申請日期內進行申請: 2017116日至20

Details of the PGH student accommodation application are as follows:

PGH Residence Period: 1 Jan to 31 May 2018
Application Period: 6 to 20 Nov 2017
住宿期限: 201811日至531
申請日期: 2017116日至20

A. Important Points to Note 重要事項:

- Late application will NOT be considered and entertained. Any decision made by SRS shall be final (任何過期申請將不獲受理, 學生資源處將保留最終之決定權).

- For current PGH students who are staying in the bed space of a single room, a shared room or suite room, and are approved for bed-spaces for the 2nd semester of academic year 2017/2018, they will continue to stay in the same bed-spaces of the residence period for the 2nd semester of academic year 2017/2018.

- For current PGH students who have not applied bed-spaces for the 2nd semester of academic year 2017/2018, the last move-out date for 1st semester of 2017/2018 academic year is 31 Dec 2017. If students do not move out from PGH by the above deadline, their room cards will be de-activated and overstay penalty (MOP440/suite/per night, MOP220/single room/per night and MOP155/student in a shared room/per night) will be imposed until the completion of accommodation application or move-out procedure. Moreover, an eviction order will also be issued to the overstayed students.

- Each applicant can only fill in one (1) application form. If more than one (1) applications are received, only the earliest submission will be taken into account.

- Room changing application for the 2nd semester of 2017/2018 will be opened within the first quarter of 2018. Any room changing request received before/after the room changing period application period will not be entertained.

- According to Article 39 of the Personnel Statue of UM and Article 18 of Chapter 7 of Regulations of the Personnel Affairs of the UM about the attribution of housing subsidy, UM staff is not eligible to receive the housing subsidy when he/she successfully applied for the housing provided by UM or any public entities, including the Student Dormitory (i.e. Postgraduate House).

- For any room with vacant beds, SRS reserves all rights to assign other students to it at any moment.

- Room assignments are arranged by the SRS.

- If demand for bed-spaces is more than supply, the allocation will be done by lucky draw.

- For students who still want to move-in during the 1st semester of 2017/2018 academic year, students are required to fill-in the PGH accommodation form and submit to SRS for approval at least seven (7) working days in advance before their move-in date. Applications are approved, subject to room availability. (E-form application for the 1st semester of 2017/2018 academic year: SRS-F008-2017 PGH Application for Postgraduate_Students)

B. Application Procedure:
  1. Log in at, input your student ID no. and password
  2. Click "Select form for submision", then click "SAO"
  3. Choose "SRS/010/2017 PGH Application for the 2nd semester of Academic Year 2017/2018"
  4. Fill in the on-line application form
  5. Upon completion, click "Submit"

- Students should read and fill in the form carefully and completely.
- Please ensure the application information is filled correctly before submission as changes are not allowed once the submission is made.
- Any missing fields, the alert will pop-up at the top-left corner.
- This form serves as an application only, the final arrangement is subjected to the room availability.

C. Schedule:

06 Nov - 20 Nov 2017
Application for PGH Accommodation for 2nd Semester of Academic Year 2017/2018
06 Dec 2017
Announcement of Application Result via Student Bulletin
26 Jan - 08 Feb 2018
Payment of the PGH Residence Fee for 2nd Semester of Academic Year 2017/2018

D. PGH Residence Fee:

Room Type
Residence Fee per Student for 2nd Semester of Academic Year 2017/2018
from 1 Jan to 31 May 2018
Single Room
Shared / Disabled Room

- Students who have successfully applied for PGH accommodation in the 2nd semester of academic year 2017/2018 will be required to pay their residence fee within the payment period.
- If no residence fee payment is received by the payment deadline, no bed will be reserved.
- For details of the PGH residence fee and other fees, please refer to this link

Thank you for your kind attention.

PGH Student Housing
Student Affairs Office - Student Resources Section
PGH S3, G/F, Room G002
Tel: 8822-2660