Student Housing: Postgraduate House Summer Stay Application, Summer Luggage Storage Service & Accommodation Application for 1st Semester of Academic Year 2019/2020 (Deadline: 31 Mar 2019)
學生住宿:研究生宿舍暑期住宿、暑期行李寄存服務及2019/2020學年第1學期住宿之申請 (截止日期:2019年3月31日)
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PGH Summer Stay Application
Dear Postgraduate Students,

The application of the Postgraduate House (PGH) summer stay 2019 is now opened for current postgraduate students*.
* No matter if you are currently staying in our Postgraduate House or not, if you would like to occupy a bed-space in this summer, you are required to fill in this application.

During the summer stay period (01 Jun to 30 Jul 2019), students can only EITHER apply 2019 Summer Stay or Summer Luggage Storage Service. Applications for both are NOT acceptable.

Please note that due to the limited number of bed spaces in PGH, the University ensures bed spaces for the new non-local students in their first year of study in postgraduate programmes.  The PGH applications of the other grades of postgraduate students may not be approved, particularly for those whose programmes of study are beyond the normal study period. The Student Resources Section (SRS) allocates bed spaces according to the bed spaces allocation priority sequence stated in the PGH Rules.

Details of the PGH Summer Stay application are as follows:

Summer Stay Period: 01 Jun to 30 Jul 2019, move out by 31 Jul 2019 (14:00)
Application Period : 18 to 31 Mar 2019

暑期住宿時段:2019年6月1日至7月30日 (於7月31日下午2:00前退宿)

A. Important Points to Note:
- Late application will NOT be considered and entertained. Any decision made by SRS shall be final.

- Summer stay is for students who need to stay on campus for their academic and research work during the whole summer.

- For current PGH students who are staying in the single room and suite they have to move-out by 31st May, 2019. They have to apply for single room and suite again if they would like to stay in the same room type but subject to the availability. Lucky draw will be applied and PGH points will be added to the winners. Single room/suite applicants with highest PGH Points will be allocated single rooms/suites.

- For current PGH students who are staying in the shared rooms, they can find a room mate and submit the application together. They can be arranged together to stay in the shared room for the summer stay and for 1st semester of academic year 2019/2020, subject to availability. However, both students are required to submit their own applications and be consistent with the room mate's information. In case any inconsistent information has been found, both students cannot leave together and will be allocated randomly to bed-spaces by SRS.

- For current PGH students who are staying in the shared rooms, they cannot find a room mate to stay with during the summer stay and/or 1st semester of 2019/2020 academic year, as announced earlier, the Student Resources Section (SRS) will assign a room mate for them or relocate the applicants without roommates to another shared rooms.

- According to the PGH Forum hoisted by the Dean of Students on 28 April 2017, starting from 2018, in order to implement large scale maintenance and deep cleaning in phases, all students staying in PGH need to be rearranged to another bed-spaces during summer time. Summer stay students shall cooperate with the construction/ deep cleaning needs and change room during your stay. It is estimated that students need to change room TWICE which subject to the actual situation.

- For current PGH students who have not applied bed-spaces for the summer stay, the last move-out date for the 2nd semester of academic year 2018/2019 is 31 May 2019 before 14:00. If residents do not move out from PGH by 31 May 2019, their room cards will be de-activated and overstay penalty (MOP400/suite/per night, MOP200/single room/per night and MOP140/student in a shared room/per night) will be imposed until the completion of accommodation application or move-out procedure. Moreover, an eviction order will also be issued to the overstayed students. Students must reserve the move-out procedure at the PGH Management Company (S3-G003) at least 72 hours (3 days) before the move-out date, if not, according to the UM Financial Management Committee decision, a handling fee of MOP500 will be charged. Receipt will be issued by the Management Company after the appointment made (Please keep it for further reference). For example, if a student would like to move out on 31 Jul (11:00am), s/he shall make the reservation via the Management Company on/before 28 Jul (11:00am).

- Each applicant can only fill in one (1) application form. If more than one (1) applications are received, only the earliest submission will be taken into account.

- In general, room changing application (change to single room/ to another shared room) for 1st semester of 2019/2020 academic year will be opened in Aug 2019. Any room changing request received before/after the room changing period application period will NOT be entertained.

- According to Article 39 of the Personnel Statue of UM and Article 18 of Chapter 7 of Regulations of the Personnel Affairs of the UM about the attribution of housing subsidy, UM staff is not eligible to receive the housing subsidy when he/she successfully applied for the housing provided by UM or any public entities, including the Student Dormitory (i.e. Postgraduate House).

- For any shared room with vacant bed, SRS reserves all rights to assign other students to it at any moment.

- Room assignment is arranged by SRS, its decision is final.

B. Application Procedure:
I. Click and enter into the link: (PGH Applicaiton for 2019 Summer Stay / Summer Luggage and 1st semester of Academic Year 2019/2020 Accommodation)
II. Fill in the on-line application form
III. Ensure the application information is filled correctly before submission as changes are not allowed once the submission is made.
IV. Upon completion, click "Submit"
V. A "Green tick" will be appeared if your application is successfully submitted and a confirmation email will be received in your UM mail box. Otherwise, please review your application and re-submit it again.

- Students should read and fill in the form carefully and completely.
- Please ensure the application information is filled correctly before submission as changes are not allowed once the submission is made.
- This form serves as an application only, the final arrangement is subjected to the room availability.

C. Summer Stay Schedule:
18 - 31 Mar 2019Application for PGH 2019 Summer Stay
18 Apr 2019Announcement of Application List and Payment Information of PGH 2019 Summer Stay via Student Bulletin
25 Apr - 09 May 2019Payment period of settling the PGH Summer Stay Fee
20 May 2019Announcement of Successful Application List of PGH 2019 Summer Stay and Summer Luggage Storage via Student Bulletin

D. Summer Stay Fee:

Room Type
Summer Stay Fee per student for
the whole summer stay period*
Single Room
Shared / Disabled Room
*1 Jun to 30 Jul 2019, move out by 31 Jul 2019 - 14:00.

- Students who once applied for the summer stay application, are required to apply for the whole summer stay period (1 Jun to 30 Jul 2019, move out by 31 Jul 2019 - 14:00).

- In consideration of several programmes cannot be completed by 31 May, relevant PGH students can apply Extension of PGH Stay after receive confirmations from Faculties. The residence fee of the extension period will be calculated by month. These students also need to apply summer stay and inform SRS that your programme cannot be completed by 31 May.

- Summer stay fee is non-refundable once paid, except students with reasons of graduation, exchange, medical issues, deferment or withdrawal of study. For details, please refer to the refund terms and conditions stated in SRS website.

- Students who have successfully applied for 2019 PGH summer stay will be required to pay their summer stay fee in full within the payment period.

- If no summer stay fee payment is received by the payment deadline, no bed will be reserved.

- For details of the summer stay fee, refund terms and conditions and other fees, please refer to this link

Thank you for your kind attention.

PGH Student Housing
Student Affairs Office - Student Resources Section
PGH S3, G/F, Room G002
Tel: 8822-2660