Entrepreneurship Society of UMSU: Entrepreneurship Festival – Cultural & Creative Industrial Market (21-24 November 2016) [ lucky draw & abundant prizes]
澳門大學學生會創業學會:創業節系列活動 - 創貳•藝術村 (11月21-24日) [設有大抽獎及豐富獎品]
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Campus Activity

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創業節系列活動 - 創貳•藝術村


只要買價值 MOP30 門票,即送:
- 印尼撈麵 + 價值超過MOP 100 優惠券🎟,送完即止!
- 抽獎券參與大抽獎,嬴取 MacBook AirPS4K歌神器相機等等豐富獎品
- 遊戲攤位憑門票免費玩一次
- 小食攤檔及部分文創商攤憑票即享折扣
- 憑票參與最受歡迎攤位投票,為攤主朋友加油打氣!


我們11月18 - 23日 10:00 - 18:45都在E22等你們噢!



同時歡迎大家網上訂票,掃一掃海報上的QR code即可,我們會派專人將門票送到書院。

電郵: umaces09@gmail.com
Entrepreneurship Festival Cultural & Creative Industrial Market
The “Cultural & Creative Industrial Market” is one of our key activities in this scholastic year. You are invited to come and support the local cultural industries as well as the brands created by UM students. There will be cultural markets, game booth, lucky draw and a series of performance.

Tickets are limited!!

You only need pay MOP30 for the ticket, then you can enjoy:
- An instant noodle + MOP100 coupon!
- Participate in lucky draw and have the chance to win MacBook Air, PS4, Karaoke Microphone, camera etc.
- Play in the game booth once for free.
- Enjoy discount in the food booth and some of the cultural markets.
- Support the booth owners by voting for your favorite booth!

Don't hesitate, quickly come to our booth at E22 to purchase the tickets and enjoy the above discounts!
The booth will be opened from 10:00-18:45 between 18th and 23rd November.

Come and support the Cultural & Creative Industrial Market which belongs to all UM students!

Activity schedule:
Nov 21, 22, 24 => 13:00-21:00
Nov 23 => 13:00-18:00

For your convenience, you may scan the QR code on the poster and order the tickets online. We will deliver the ticket to you!

Entrepreneurship Society, UMSU
Email: umaces09@gmail.com