Introduction on Campus Transportation Services in Academic Year 2018/2019
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Dear Students,

At the start of the new academic year, the Security and Transport Section (STS) would like to take this opportunity to introduce our transportation services to all of you, which include 1) campus loop shuttle service, 2) campus parking and 3) information and tips for taking public buses to campus, please refer to the tables below for the details.

For enquiries, please contact our STS colleagues at 8822 8651 or 8822 8652 or email to

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
Security and Transport Section

Information and Tips for taking Public Buses to Campus
Information for Public Buses to Campus

The Transport Bureau (DSAT) announced that the frequency of public bus route 71, 72 & 73 will be resumed to normal staring from 22 August 2018 (Wednesday). Route 71 & 73 will be resumed to the regular schedule of 12 to 15 minutes per run during non-peak hours. Besides, route 73X has been suspended. The routes and stops of route 73 will be adjusted from the same date. Route 73 will resume to travel between Macau and Taipa through the Ponte Governador Nobre de Carvalho, instead of passing through the Ponte de Sai Van and stop at EDIFÍCIO DO LAGO will be cancelled. The details are listed below:

Adjustment for bus route 73Stops for cancellation Newly added stops
73 (Direction to Macau)Torre de Macau (Macau Tower)Ponte de Sai Van/Av. do Oceano
73 (Direction to UM)Torre/Túnel RodoviárioJardins do Oceano/Rose Court

There are four public bus routes reaching our campus, which are 71, 72, 73 and overnight bus route N6. Please refer to the attached bus routes and map of bus stop for details, which are updated on 22 August 2018.
busroute巴士路線_71_20180822.pdfbusroute巴士路線_71_20180822.pdfbusroute巴士路線_72_20180721.pdfbusroute巴士路線_72_20180721.pdfbusroute巴士路線_73_20180822.pdfbusroute巴士路線_73_20180822.pdfbusroute巴士路線_N6_20180721.pdfbusroute巴士路線_N6_20180721.pdfPublic bus stops on UM campus.jpgPublic bus stops on UM campus.jpg
*For the latest public bus service arrangement, please visit DSAT website:

Tips for taking Public Buses to Campus

To find out the best strategy in taking public buses via bus-interchange from various areas in Macau to UM campus, please refer to the tips attached, which is provided by DSAT upon UM's request.
Tips for taking public transport_20180704.pdfTips for taking public transport_20180704.pdf

Besides, the function "Bus Location" has been added in DSAT website, which can provide the real time bus route information , please visit the below website for the details.

Public Bus Information
1. Point-to-point Route Search:
2. Destination Enquiry:
3. Map of Bus Route Search:
4. Bus Route Enquiry:
5. Bus Location:

The last but not the least, passengers are advised to queue up for bus boarding and pay attention to the road traffic before getting on or off the bus.