Registration of FREE Vaccination of Seasonal Influenza 2020-2021
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Dear students,

To prevent outbreak of Influenza and to protect our health, Health Bureau of Government of Macao S.A.R. is going to offer free group vaccination of Seasonal Influenza 2020-2021 to UM students (including local and non-local students) in late October or early November in UM campus. The exact date and time will be confirmed by Health Bureau. If you would like to have the vaccination, please read the important notes below and fill in the registration e-form by 18/09/2020.

Important notes:
1) You must have the patient card (commonly known as gold card) issued by Health Bureau of Government of Macao S.A.R. in order to have the vaccination. If you do not have it now, you may register by the deadline first, and leave that column blank on the e-form in the meantime.
2) When you register successfully but do not have the gold card yet, please apply it at Conde de São Januário General Hospital or Health Centres (you may refer to for application procedures and documents needed; Gold Card Application Form --> 金卡申請表 Gold Card Application Form.pdf金卡申請表 Gold Card Application Form.pdf). E-mail the information of gold card to by 07/10/2020 (please also state your student number and name in the e-mail for our verification).
3) If the information of gold card is not available by 07/10/2020, your registration will be cancelled.
4) Please seek advice from your family doctor regarding vaccination and your personal health status.

For enquiries, please contact:
Enquiries related to healthcare services: Ms. Cheang (e-mail:; tel.: 8822 8852)
Enquiries related to registration: Ms. Wu (e-mail:; tel.: 8822 8851)

Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs