Macao Government's Updates on Travelling Measures (Entry to Zhuhai; Entry to/ Exit from Macao via Hong Kong International Airport)
特區政府更新出入境措施 (入境珠海及經香港國際機場往返澳門)
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Department :HSEOPosted Date : 11/06/2020
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Dear colleagues and students,

As there is no community outbreak or imported cases of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia for a certain period of time in Macao, the epidemic is considered as preventable and controllable. The Macao government has updated the entry and exit measures as below:

Certain Macao residents may apply for exemption from quarantine when travelling to Zhuhai
Certain Macao residents may apply for exemption from quarantine via Health Bureau's online system when travelling to Zhuhai. These include persons travelling due to government business, those registered with the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute as "business" persons, and those with special reasons. Applicants will receive mobile phone message after approval from related authority, so that they will be able to have the nucleic acid test before entering Zhuhai.

The Macao government emphasized that the final implementation time of this measure has to be further confirmed with related departments of Guangdong Province and Zhuhai. Applicants with "special reasons" have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Those who need to travel and satisfy the requirement should pay attention to the Macao government's update ( and may apply through the system (

To launch special ferry service to/from Hong Kong International Airport
The Macao government is going to launch special ferry service between Hong Kong International Airport and Taipa Ferry Terminal, to facilitate Macao residents currently overseas to return to Macao as well as foreigners who are currently staying in Macao but wish to return to their country of origin via Hong Kong International Airport. The service will be provided from 17 June to 16 July 2020 inclusive, with 2 sailings per day.

To comply with the regulation in Hong Kong International Airport, foreigners who wish to take flight at Hong Kong International Airport must have flight tickets between 17 June and 16 July inclusive. This special ferry service may not apply to certain flights or airlines. Those who wish to take the ferry should enquire the ferry companies first.

Macao residents who wish to return to Macao must have flight tickets to Hong Kong International Airport and arrive there between 17 June and 16 July inclusive. They must register through the website of Higher Education Bureau ( 48 hours before arrival. Please refer to the websites of Health Bureau ( ) and Government Information Bureau ( (please use Google Chrome browser) for check-in procedures and documents needed.

If you would like to know more about the disease development and preventive measures, please refer to the following websites:
Health Bureau:
Government Information Bureau: (please use Google Chrome browser)

Thank you for your attention.

Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs