Changes on Designated Smoking Zones on Campus
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Department :HSEOPosted Date : 26/07/2018
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Dear colleagues and students,

The Law No. 9/2017: Amendment to Law No. 5/2011 Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control was enforced since 1st January 2018. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor areas, except designated smoking zones. It is also stated in the law that smoking is prohibited in bus stops and areas within 10 meters from the bus stops. Offenders are liable to a maximum fine of MOP1,500.

Designated smoking zones on campus:
1. between Research Building N22 and Research Building N24
(new designated smoking zone)
2. between University Mall (S8) and Postgraduate House S4
(The designated smoking zone at the back entrance of University Mall is cancelled.)
3. Junction between Mall Street and Residence Avenue4. Sky-lobby connecting Faculty of Science and Technology (E11) and Faculty of Health Sciences (E12)
5. Corner at rooftop of Humanities and Social Sciences Building (E21)6. between Student Activity Centre (E31) and Faculty of Law (E32)

In addition, it is stated in the law that managing personnel should post the attached signages approved by the administrative regulation on clear, visible areas of the statutory no-smoking zones. The signages should not be less than 15cm x 20cm or 20cm x 9cm. Please print and post the attached signages if necessary.
標誌(直式) Signage (Vertical).jpg標誌(橫式) Signage (Horizontal).jpg

Thank you for your attention.

Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs