[Career Development Centre of Student Affairs Office] Career Insider (8):How to write an attractive cover letter
[學生事務部 生涯發展中心] 就業情報 (八):如何寫出吸引僱主的求職信
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就業情報 (八)
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How to write an attractive cover letter
Although resume plays a vital part in your job hunting, the cover letter is also an important method to get you a job interview. A good cover letter can give the employer a good impression and help you to get a job interview. But how to write a cover letter that appeals to the employers?
  • 你寫的求職信需要有針對性。確保你的筆調能夠符合公司所要招聘的職位。
  • 說明你為什麼是這個職位的合適人選。你可以將你過去的經歷與應徵職位的要求聯繫起來,讓僱主知道你有能力可以勝任這份工作。
  • 要避免在求職信中過分以自我為中心,應重點闡述你如何幫助公司發展,如何成為他們團隊中的一分子。
  • 謹記不要在求職信中長篇大論,盡量保持一頁紙。並且可以按照內容和要點劃分段落,避免將過多資訊放在同一段中。
  • Your cover letter should be cover oriented. Make sure that your tone matched the position you are applying for.
  • Tell employers why you are the right candidate for this job. Connect your past experience with the requirement of the position, let them know that you’ve got what it takes to do the job.
  • Avoid being self-centered in your cover letter. Let employers know how you can help them grow as a company and be part of their team.
  • Keep it at the right length, it is best to finish your cover letter in one page. Separate different contents in several paragraphs, don't jam all your information in just one paragraph.

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