Safe School Network Bulletin by Judiciary Police
Ref. No : TCHG-BQUEDCPosted by :TimChong/UMAC
Department :SAO-SCSPosted Date : 24/06/2020
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以下資料由 司法警察局 提供,由學生事務部代傳。
This information is provided by the Judiciary Police and posted by the Student Affairs Office.
Dear UM students,
A man who sexually harassed students around the school area has been arrested and transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office after the Judiciary Police received a report from a local school.

According to Article 164 (item a), "Sexual harassment" is unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature which violates others' dignity, makes them feel obnoxious, violates their rights to sexual freedom, causes them to be anxious, panic-stricken, overwhelmed, uneasy, humiliated or degraded etc. Offender could be penalized to a maximum of 1 year's imprisonment for the unwelcome touching, whether it is just physical or with the use of other objects.

The Judiciary Police urges teenagers to stay vigilant at all times. If someone walks up to you and make unwelcome sexual advances, or behave in an obscene way, or intend to sexually abuse you, reject their behaviours and leave the scene immediately. Talk to someone your trust, including your family, teachers, social workers of your school or call the police about your encounter. Remember do not tolerate such behaviour.

If you are have any crime intelligence for the police, please contact us by the following means (Tel: 8800 5500; Fax: 2835 6895; Email: and all information will be treated with confidentiality.


Community Policing and Public Relations Division
Judiciary Police