Friendly Reminder: Prepare Your UMMoodle Courses for New Semester
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Department :ICTO-ACTSPosted Date : 03/01/2020
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To: All Users

As the new semester is about to start, it is time to prepare your UMMoodle courses for students' access in the new semester.

Quick Start (3 Steps)

Step 1: Get your UMMoodle courses (Check here)
    • Usually you can find all your new courses after logging UMMoodle as we have performed Course Pre-Creation for most of the classes / sections. The newly created courses are set to "Hide" by default and they are shown at the bottom or in the last page of your course list in grey color.
    • You can REUSE your existing UMMoodle courses by rearranging the classes / sections mapping at SIWEB.
    • You can also REUSE your course materials by importing resources and activities from your existing UMMoodle courses.
Step 2: Upload course material and create course activities
    • You can easily Drag and Drop files directly from your desktop onto you course.
    • You can create Assignment activity which allows teachers to collect work from students, review it and provide feedback including grades.
    • Besides, there are many course activity modules available for use, such as Forum, Quiz, Turnitin and etc.
Step 3: Set your courses to visible
    • As the newly created courses are set to "Hide" from students by default, you will need to Set your course to "Show" when it is ready.

About your old UMMoodle courses
    • You are recommended to organize your old courses before the new semester starts; Otherwise, students can still see their old courses from previous semesters that may confuse them. You can:
      HIDE the course: course materials, student data will be kept.
      REMOVE class / section mapping at SIWEB: course materials will be kept, student data will be lost.
      DELETE the course permanently: all data will be lost.
    • By the way, INACTIVE COURSE, which does not have any update for over 5 years, will be deleted by the end of every academic year. The course owner will receive an email notification 2 weeks before the course deletion. Course owners can send email request to ICTO if they want to keep the course.

In order to let our users be more familiar with UMMoodle, ICTO will arrange a series of workshop which will be guided by tutors with hand-on practice. We will send E-Bulletin once the workshop schedule is confirmed.

For more information about UMMoodle, please visit our ICTO Knowledge Base. Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to send an e-mail to or contact our Help Desk.

Thank you for your attention.

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