Further Study Activity - Online IELTS Preparation Course [Registration Deadline: 29 March]
升學活動 - 網上雅思預備課程 [截止報名日期: 3月29日]
Ref. No : RKUN-BMZB2MPosted by :RitaKuan/UMAC
Department :SAO-SCS-CDCPosted Date : 25/03/2020
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Online IELTS Preparation Course

In view of the latest development of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Career Development Centre is now offering online IELTS preparation course for FREE in the second semester of academic year 2019/2020. The course aims to help you in preparing for the IELTS test and to enhance your test-taking skills and confidence. Please refer to the table below for course information.
Course Schedule
Teaching Method
Course Information
11/04 - 17/05; 逢星期六、日/ Every Sat. & Sun.; 10:00-13:00Zoom, WeChat

報名方法 Enrollment Method
  1. 上述課程以「先到先得」之報名形式。
    The enrollment method of the above course will be by "First-come, first-served" basis.
  2. 有興趣報讀課程的本科生及研究生,請於29/03/2020 或之前,登入電子表格系統,填寫「雅思預備課程報名表」。
    Undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in these courses, please log in the e-form system
    , then complete the "Registration Form for IELTS Preparation Courses" on or before 29/03/2020 .
  3. 所有獲錄取者將收到電郵及短訊 (僅限澳門電話) 通知。
    All successful applicants will be notified by email and SMS (Macao mobile number only).
  4. 獲錄取的學生請於31/03/2020或之前回覆電郵確認報名,逾期者將被視作自動放棄。
    All successful applicants have to confirm their enrollment by replying to our email on or before 31/03/2020. Application shall be regarded as abandoned if no reply email is received.
  5. 獲錄取的學生需自行在家完成課程所要求的課前模擬試,並需於02/04/2020或之前將答案發給生涯發展中心,內容包括閱讀及寫作,限一小時內完成。
    Admitted students are required to complete a pre-course mock test and send their answers to the Career Development Centre
    on or before 02/04/2020. The pre-course test consists of a reading test and a writing test as those in an IELTS Exam and each test has a time limit of one hour only.

報名須知 Remarks
  • 在提交報名表前,請再次查看你的日程表。本中心保留日後不接納無故缺席課程的學生報名之權利。
    Before submitting the enrolment form, please double check your own schedule. We reserve the right to reject any applicants who were absent from the enrolled courses without ground reason(s) in the future.
  • 如報名人數不足十人,該課程可能會被取消。
    The course might be cancelled if there are less than 10 participants.
課程按金 Deposit

A deposit of
MOP500 is required for the course. Please follow the below procedure to settle the payment:
Students who participate in the preparation courses do not need to approach Career Development Centre to settle the payment. E-debit note will be issued to students who fail to fulfill the requirement of attendance policy. An overdue administrative charge of 3% on the amount due will be charged on overdue amount after the due date.

出席率規定 Attendance Policy
All participants are required to fulfill the following attendance policy, otherwise MOP500 per course will be charged:
  1. 出席率達80%,以及
    Achieve an attendance rate of 80%, AND
  2. 完成課程內的模擬測驗
    Complete the mock tests as prescribed in the course
查詢 Enquiries
電話 Tel8822 4916
電郵 Emailsao.career@um.edu.mo
地址 Address學生活動中心(E31) 2樓2004室 / Room 2004, 2/F, Student Activity Centre (E31)
辦公時間 Opening Hour星期一至四/ Mon. - Thu.:09:00 - 13:00, 14:00 - 17:45
星期五/ Fri.: 09:00 - 13:00, 14:00 - 17:30

學生事務部 生涯發展中心
Career Development Centre, Student Affairs Office