International Night 2017 (10 Nov, 5:45pm) Seats are limited! Register now!
迎交流,樂分享! 國際交流晚會2017 (11月10日,下午5:45) 名額有限,報名從速!
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Campus Activity

Dear Students,

You are cordially invited to join our "International Night 2017", a gathering for you to meet our exchange students, alumni of our exchange programmes and exchange advisors. You will meet our exchange students and international students from all over the world, and getting first-hand advices of studying abroad, pre-departure tips and learning exchange experiences from fellow students and advisors. Food and drinks will be served for FREE!! Seats are limited. Registration is required.


我們誠摯邀請您參加 "國際交流晚會2017",晚會讓學生與來自不同國家的交流學生,以及曾經參與交流計劃的同學及老師互相交流。旨在讓不同國藉不同背景的學生互相交流,分享國外學習的經驗及文化,令有意參加交換計劃的學生更加了解交換計劃的意義及當地的學習文化,了解出發交流前注意事項,以及從同學身上學習參與交換的經驗,現場設有簡便餐飲。名額有限,報名從速!

Catch-up! Link-up! Come join us! 迎交流,樂分享!

Date: 10 November 2017 (Friday)
Time: 5:45-8:00pm
Venue: N1 Multi-Function Room, G/F, UM Guest House, UM

How to join?
1. Registration until 24 October 2017 at
2. Collect the entrance ticket at GAO with your student ID card on 25-31 October
3. Come and join the FUN night!

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