Maintenance of Information System services and Centralized Database during 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on 29 November, 2020 (Sunday)
Ref. No : ICTO-I-2020-369Posted by :FrankLam/UMAC
Department :ICTO-IMSPosted Date : 23/11/2020
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    To: All Users

    In order to ensure security and reliability of our services, ICTO will perform software upgrade and regular maintenance on our centralized application server pool from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on 29 November, 2020 (Sunday). In addition, we will also replace the database appliance in this maintenance.

    During the said period, the following information systems and services may be interrupted intermittently. All services will be resumed normal once the maintenance tasks are completed.

    All web based information services/applications, e.g.:

    Student Information System
    • All-in-one debit note
    • Alumni Database
    • Class and Exam Scheduling System
    • Classroom Booking System
    • Continuing Education System
    • Course Catalog
    • Course Result Entry System
    • Housing Solution
    • Locker Rental System
    • New Admission (NA) Information System
    • Online Add Drop
    • Outgoing Exchange Grant Application System
    • Online Verification System
    • Postgraduate Progress Report System
    • Pre-enrollment
    • RC Activities
    • SI Credit-Based Tuition Fee
    • SI Utilities Functions
    • SI Web
    • Student Information APP
    • Student Job Vacancy System
    • Student Feedback Questionnaire
    • Student Case Management
    • Student Smart-Point System
    • Student Web For FO's Enquiry Student Account
    • Study Plan
    • Teacher’s Section List
    • Testimonial
    • UM Donation Database
    • UM Student Account Collection System
    • Whole Person Development Programme Management System


    Human Resources Management System
    • Academic Staff Portfolio System Administrative
    • Acquisition of Service System
    • Annual Achievement Report Admin
    • Contract Management System
    • Contract Renewal
    • Contribution of Provident Fund
    • e-Leave System
    • e-Performance Appraisal System
    • e-Recruitment System
    • KW Medical System
    • Human Resource Self Service System
    • HR Web Service
    • Research Publication Information System
    • UM Phone Book

    Financial Information System
    • Budgeting System
    • e-Procurement Management System
    • Financial Information System
    • Payment Gateway System
    • Student Accounting System
    • Payment/Payroll Slip
    • Staff Management System (including payroll module)
    • Online Payment Service
    • e-Procurement System - System of Registered Suppliers for the University of Macau

    General Business Applications
    • For CMDO:
      • Car Reservation System
      • Space Allocation System
      • Staff Housing Management System
    • For CO:
      • Campus Tour Registration System
      • Greeting eCard Sending System
      • Guest Database
      • News Submission and Release System
      • Souvenir & Publication Stock Management System
    • For Library:
      • Book Inventory System
    • For RSKTO:
      • Research Grant Management System (RGMS)
    • UM Resource Booking System for:
      • Venue, Booth, Banner, Equipment
      • Meeting Room, Computer Room
      • Other Purpose Rooms
    • E-Channel Messaging System
    • Event Management System
    • Event Registration System
    • Sport Complex Facilities Booking Service
    • Suggestion Scheme
    • Identity & Access Management System
    • Messaging Gateway

    All Oracle Form & Report applications
    Should you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact our IMS Application Support:

    IMS Application Support
    Telephone : 8822 8500
    Email :

    In case of urgency during the maintenance period, please contact:

    Telephone : 8822 8638
    Email :

    We thank you for your attention and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Information and Communication Technology Office