Further Study Talk: Information Session of "ALLEX Scholarship Program" (4 Nov | 2:30-3:30pm | E31-1002)
升學講座: 「ALLEX獎學金」宣講會 (11月4日| 2:30-3:30pm | E31-1002)
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The ALLEX Foundation (Alliance for Language Learning and Educational Exchange) is a non-profit organization based in Ithaca, New York. It was founded with the primary mission of advancing global understanding and intercultural exchange through education. ALLEX now launches global exchange programmes for Chinese who want to pursue a Master's/ second Bachelor's degree and teach Chinese in the United States. Over the last 25 years, ALLEX has arranged over 800 students to earn Master's and Bachelor's degrees at U.S. institutions with scholarships. Below please find the detail of the information session of "ALLEX Scholarship Program":

ALLEX語言教學聯盟 (Alliance for Language Learning and Educational Exchange) 為一非營利機構,總部設於美國紐約州伊薩卡,成立的宗旨為促進國家彼此間的相互了解,擴大國際間的教育交流。ALLEX現正為中國學生提供海外交流的機會,讓他們到美國攻讀碩士或第二個學士學位,以及從事漢語教學工作。在過去的25年,ALLEX已成功安排超過800名學生在美國的大學獲取獎學金攻讀碩士或第二個學士學位。「ALLEX獎學金計劃」宣講會詳情如下:

Speaker / 講者
Mr. Thomas Mason,Executive Director of the ALLEX Foundation
Content / 內容
Mr. Thomas Mason will present an information session about the ALLEX Scholarship, which provides the opportunity for students to pursue a Master's degree or second Bachelor's degree in almost any subject with scholarship (including full tuition, room and board) in exchange for teaching one or two courses of Chinese at the host university in U.S. Successful candidates will undergo 7 weeks of intensive language-teacher training at the ALLEX Teacher Training Institute at Washington University in St. Louis, taught by leading scholars of Asian language pedagogy in the U.S. They then spend one or two years at their assigned universities teaching Mandarin and studying in their field of interest.

Mr. Mason will explain the program in detail, how to apply, and he will be available to answer questions. You can learn more about ALLEX on their website: www.allex.org/china or by emailing office@allex.org.

Thomas Mason先生將於宣講會中介紹ALLEX獎學金,讓學生在美國的大學從事一至兩門漢語課程的教學工作,以教學換取獲得獎學金的機會(包含全額學費、住宿費、伙食費),在美國的大學攻讀任何一個專業的碩士或第二個學士學位。錄取者將會到美國聖路易華盛頓大學之ALLEX教師訓練學校,接受由在美國的頂尖漢語教學學者所教授之七星期的密集式語言教學訓練。課程結束之後被分派到大學裡擔任一至兩年的普通話教學工作,並同時修讀感興趣的專業。

Mason先生將為大家介紹獎學金計劃內容及申請細節,並解答有關問題。有關ALLEX獎學金詳情請瀏覽網頁:www.allex.org/china 或發送電郵至 office@allex.org。
Details / 詳情
Date 日期04/11/2015 (Wednesday 星期三)
Time 時間2:30pm - 3:30pm
Venue 地點E31-1002 (Student Activity Centre 學生活動中心)
Language 語言English 英語
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