Arrangement of Work during the Anti-epidemic Period
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Dear Colleagues,

Viewing the development of the "Novel coronavirus pneumonia" epidemic, and in accordance with the guidelines of the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP), UM staff are exempted from work for the period from 3 to 7 February, 2020. Regarding the work arrangement during the anti-epidemic period, please find the following guidelines for each unit:

  1. In order to maintain the operation of each unit, the unit head shall determine a list of staff members who need to be on duty and submit to the Rector for approval.
  2. Based on the operation needs of each unit, adjustment on the above staff list can be made by the unit head, and staff members shall strictly follow.
  3. For staff members who are approved annual leave/ advanced annual leave during the above period, are not required to submit leave cancellation application. The leave application shall be cancelled automatically.
  4. Staff members who work at campus during the period of work exemption can be compensated by deducting the normal working hours. The hours of deduction shall be equivalent to the service hour(s) staff members have provided during the said period, in which it is capped at the daily normal working hours per day. For the hours of exceeding the daily cap, staff members can be compensated by other entitled compensation. Attached please find the “Work Record for Staff Member Performing Duties during the Anti-epidemic Period” for filling-out.
  5. Staff members who are exempted from work at campus shall stay at home and avoid going out. Unless it is urgent and necessary, all staff members shall avoid leaving Macau.

抗疫期間需維持工作之人員紀錄 v.2.docx抗疫期間需維持工作之人員紀錄 v.2.docx

For enquiry, please email to or contact Ms. Jennifer Aguiar at 66819626/ Ms. Sylvia Lo at 66660081 or Ms. Dorothy at 62699767.

Thank you for your attention!

Human Resources Section

(Ref: PPC/HRS/027)