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06/05/2020SAO-SRSU-teams: Keep Learning, Keep Training amid Class Suspension--SRS Anti-COVID-19 website is ready to share
11/05/2020SAO-SRSUM Cultural & Arts Anti-COVID-19 Collection Series - UM Dance Troupe presents "Keep Learning and Training: The 5th anniversary of UM Dance Troupe Photo Exhibition: Expectation" dedicated to those who fight against COVID-19
15/05/2020SAO-SRS"Meeting You, When the Flowers Bloom" for the Special Spring of 2020
15/05/2020SAO-SRSI have a date with UM after the epidemic
10/07/2020SAO-SRSStudent Housing: Room Allocation Results of Postgraduate House Application for 1st Semester of Academic Year 2020/2021
17/07/2020SAO-SRSCalling for participation:『UM MEMBERS: WORK TOGETHER TO FIGHT CORONAVIRUS』 Short Video Shooting Contest organise by SRS
20/07/2020SAO-SRSLuggage Handling Result for Year 2020
06/08/2020SAO-SRSUM English Debating Team broke Monash Australs 2020 (EFL category)
06/08/2020SAO-SRSReminder: Call for Application: The 40th Anniversary of University of Macau Logo and Slogan Design Competition (Application deadline: 6 September 2020)
07/08/2020SAO-SRSSAO Wechat Official Account is LAUNCHED!