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20/07/2020ADOThe 2nd Round Fund-raising Campaign - “Express Your Gratitude with UM Bear”
“澳大熊 ,傳心意”第二輪籌款活動
14/07/2020CKLCCKLC Activity Highlight: Special Graduation Group Photos and Video for CKLC First Group of Graduates (Class of 2020)
07/08/2020CMDO-CESWater supply will be suspended at some area of N1 Guest House on 10 Aug 2020
27/07/2020CMDO-ESSome parking spaces and a driveway at P1 Car Park will be temporarily blocked due to the maintenance work of chiller water pipe support (driveways part) from 3-10 August 2020
08/07/2020CMDO-ESCampus Energy Saving Measures Adjustment
07/08/2020CMDO-FDSNotice for Recruitment Examination Organized by Government Department on 15 August 2020
30/07/2020CMDO-FMMMosquito Control Work for August 2020
蚊蟲治理專項計劃 (2020年8月)
29/07/2020CMDO-FMMReminder: Ceiling repair works at P5 Car Park (Phase 2) from 31 July to 23 August 2020
提提你: P5停車場天花修繕工程(第二階段)將於2020年7月31日至8月23日進行
23/07/2020CMDO-FMMCeiling repair works at P5 Car Park (Phase 2) from 31 July to 23 August 2020
08/07/2020CMDO-FMMQEMS Express : Statistic Report of Recycling Waste on Campus (Apr - Jun 2020)
QEMS 快訊 : 校園廢物回收統計報告 (2020年4月至6月)
16/04/2020CMDO-FMMRepair works for metal cladding of roof and exterior wall at E3 to E7,E31,E32 and E33 from 20 April to 31 August 2020
22/07/2020CMDO-STSReminder: Temporary Traffic Closure for the Underwater Tunnel at on 24 July 2020 (Friday), during 10:30am-11:00am
提提你: 2020年7月24日(星期五)早上10時30分河底隧道短暫封閉
29/05/2020CMDO-STSCampus Loop Shuttle Services Schedule during Recess (Starting from 2 June 2020 to 15 August 2020)
環校穿梭巴士休課期間服務時間 (2020年6月2日至2020年8月15日)
15/05/2020CMDO-STSReminder: UM underwater tunnel (from UM to Taipa) will be closed for repair and system enhancement works from 19 May 2020
提提你: 澳大河底隧道(大學往氹仔方向)將於5月19日起封閉進行修繕及系統升級工程
11/05/2020CMDO-STSUM underwater tunnel (from UM to Taipa) will be closed for repair and system enhancement works from 19 May 2020
10/07/2020CMSThe first issue of Macao Studies Bulletin has been published by CMS
07/08/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 07/08/2020
06/08/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 06/08/2020
05/08/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 05/08/2020
04/08/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 04/08/2020
03/08/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 31/07/2020-03/08/2020
31/07/2020COCalling for articles, photos, and short videos
31/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 31/07/2020
30/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 30/07/2020
29/07/2020COUMagazine Issue 22 Has Been Published and Available on Campus Now
29/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 29/07/2020
28/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 28/07/2020
27/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 24/07/2020-27/07/2020
24/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 24/07/2020
23/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 23/07/2020
22/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 22/07/2020
21/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 21/07/2020
20/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 17/07/2020-20/07/2020
17/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 17/07/2020
16/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 16/07/2020
15/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 15/07/2020
14/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 14/07/2020
13/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 10/07/2020-13/07/2020
10/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 10/07/2020
09/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 09/07/2020
08/07/2020COMorning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 08/07/2020
07/08/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM, Caritas Macau jointly launch health intervention programme for overseas Filipino workers
07/08/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM wins championship of inter-varsity invitational debate competition in Greater Bay Area
04/08/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM develops intelligent system to quickly tell COVID-19 from common pneumonia
03/08/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM’s online Portuguese language summer course ends
30/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: Latest study from UM helps people understand Macao’s social development and changes
27/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM develops supramolecular ‘cell-hitchhiking’ drug delivery system to treat inflammatory diseases
24/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM’s online Portuguese summer course attracts people from around the world
22/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM conducts second online survey on COVID-19’s impacts on local businesses
22/07/2020CO-PRS“ORBIS Raffle 2020” Lucky Draw Result
“奧比斯慈善獎券2020” 抽獎結果
22/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM holds UAUC joint meeting; Ho Iat Seng: HE institutions should strive to turn technological progress into productivity growth
21/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM, HKBU successfully develop new probe to integrate cancer diagnosis and treatment
20/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM students discover new dual-pulse lasing emission gain material
13/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM alumnus awarded fellowship of the London Institute of Banking & Finance
13/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: All UM accounting programmes receive double ACCA accreditation with maximum exemptions
10/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao University Alliance holds online forum to discuss collaborative innovation and education development in GBA
10/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM’s fourth batch of SME training courses ends with success
09/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: Special direct admission to UM’s undergraduate programmes opens for applications now
08/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM achieves breakthroughs in autonomous driving research
08/07/2020CO-PRSNews Express: UM, MGM co-organise leadership training course
05/08/2020FAHPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Arts and Humanities, by Mr. Zhu Congqian on 12 August 2020 (Wednesday)
05/08/2020FAHPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Arts and Humanities, by Ms. Wang Xiaobo on 14 August 2020 (Friday)
05/08/2020FAHPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Arts and Humanities, by Ms. Li Ping on 14 August 2020 (Friday)
03/08/2020FAHPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Arts and Humanities, by Ms. Sheng Mei on 10 August 2020 (Monday)
03/08/2020FAHPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Arts and Humanities, by Ms. Li Xingxing on 10 August 2020 (Monday)
30/07/2020FAHFAH-CPC-IPOR: A1 Level Portuguese Program for Legal Professionals III
FAH-CPC-IPOR: 葡萄牙語作為外語A1級法律領域專業人員課程III
22/07/2020FAHFAH-CCHC student of UM Lin Longping receives award for the Story-Writing Competition “Memorable Moments and World Heritage” held by Cultural Affairs Bureau
16/07/2020FAHUM Confucius Institute Mandarin courses in Fall 2020 are now open for application
01/07/2020FAHFAH-CCHC: Anti-epidemic Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition
(call for paintings, poetries and calligraphies)
31/07/2020FBAResearch Advancement of the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management at Faculty of Business Administration
23/07/2020FBAPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Business Administration, by Mr. Shaoshuai LI, on 27 July 2020
05/08/2020FHSPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Health Sciences, by Miss Xinyan WANG on 6 August 2020 (Thursday)
04/08/2020FHSPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Health Sciences, by Mr. Changliang WANG on 5 August 2020 (Wednesday)
29/07/2020FHSPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Health Sciences, by Mr. Zhe CHEN and Mr. Chunfei WANG on 30 July 2020 (Thursday)
22/07/2020FHSPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Health Sciences, by Mr. Xiaoxiang CHENG on 23 July 2020 (Thursday)
16/07/2020FHSPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Health Sciences, by Miss Yu JIN on 17 July 2020 (Friday)
15/07/2020FHSPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Health Sciences, by Miss Wenwen ZHANG on 16 July 2020 (Thursday)
14/07/2020FHSPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Health Sciences, by Miss Jin ZOU on 15 July 2020 (Wednesday)
09/07/2020FHSPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Health Sciences, by Mr. Renbo DING on 12 July 2020 (Sunday)
05/08/2020FSSCall for applications -Recruitment of Phone Interviewers for Public Opinion Survey on Macao Housing Policies
20/07/2020FSSPhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Social Sciences, by Ms. Zhuozhuo SHEN, on 4 August 2020
07/08/2020FSTPhD Oral Defense in Faculty of Science and Technology, by Ms. Ye YAO, on 17 August 2020
04/08/2020FSTPhD Oral Defense in Faculty of Science and Technology, by Mr. Wenliang ZENG, on 07 August 2020
31/07/2020FSTPhD Oral Defense in Faculty of Science and Technology, by Mr. Yunchi HUANG, on 04 August 2020
13/07/2020FSTPhD Oral Defense in Faculty of Science and Technology, by Mr. Haien DU, on 14 July 2020
10/07/2020FSTPhD Oral Defense in Faculty of Science and Technology, by Mr. Lot Kei CHOU, on 14 July 2020
09/07/2020FSTPhD Oral Defense in Faculty of Science and Technology, by Mr. Dawei GUO, on 15 July 2020
09/07/2020FSTPhD Oral Defense in Faculty of Science and Technology, by Mr. Haien DU, on 14 July 2020
13/07/2020GAO2021 Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Programs
06/07/2020GAOTsinghua Global Summer School 2020: Toward a Post-Pandemic World
11/06/2020GAO粵港澳高校聯盟2020年夏日學院線上課程——Virtual Worlds Real Bodies
03/07/2020GRSSpecial Measures for Report Presentation and Thesis Oral Defence for Postgraduate Students and Supervisors
15/02/2016GRSThe Usage and Email Forwarding Function of UM Mailbox
04/08/2020HSEOUpdate on Governmental Guidelines of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Entry from Hong Kong, Management of Individuals with Macao Health Code in Red or Yellow Colour, Areas with High and Medium Risk of Out...
特區政府對新型冠狀病毒肺炎的指引更新 (由香港入境澳門的措施, 場所對持澳門健康碼紅碼及黃碼人士的管理建議, 中高風險的傳播地區)
16/07/2020HSEOPay Attention to Heat Stroke Prevention
15/07/2020HSEOGovernmental Updated Guidelines for Anti-pandemic
08/07/2020IASRecruitment of Student Trainees for IAS
07/08/2020ICIInnovation and Entrepreneurship Short Course-New business opportunities and challenges after the epidemic (Application deadline:2020/08/25)
創新創業短期課程-疫情後的創業新機遇和挑戰 (報名截止:2020年8月25日)
31/07/2020ICI[Kind Reminder] External activity: 2020年第九屆"赢在廣州" 暨粵港澳大灣區大學生創業大賽 (Deadline extended to:2020/08/23)
[提提您]校外活動: 2020年第九屆"赢在廣州" 暨粵港澳大灣區大學生創業大賽 (截止日期延至:2020年8月23日)
31/07/2020ICI[External activity]第六屆中國國際“互聯網+”大學生創新創業大賽現正接受報名(Deadline:2020/08/15)
27/07/2020ICICall for applications - Recruitment of Part time Research Assistants for the Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences
08/07/2020ICI[External activity]HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Enterpreneurship Competition (Hong Kong Contest) is now open for application (Deadline:2020/7/15)
25/03/2020ICI[External activity] 澳中致遠創新創業大賽暨科技論壇2020 (賽事日程調整)
[校外活動] 澳中致遠創新創業大賽暨科技論壇2020 (賽事日程調整)
23/07/2020ICTOFriendly reminder: Beware of Email Scams
提提您: 小心欺詐郵件
10/07/2020ICTOInformation Security Tips (July, 2020) - What is ISO 27001? Does it have any relationship with you?
資訊安全貼士(2020年7月號) - ISO27001是什麼?它和您有關係嗎?
09/07/2020ICTO-ACTSFriendly Reminder: System Drill on UMMoodle and ePortfolio from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on 11 July, 2020 (Saturday)
溫馨提示: UMMoodle及ePortfolio系統應變演習將於2020年7月11日(星期六)上午9:00到下午12:30進行
28/07/2020ICTO-IUSSecurity Enhancement Upgrade for SSL VPN System from 01:00 p.m. to 02:00 p.m. on 29th July, 2020 (Wednesday)
SSL VPN 系統於2020年7月29日(星期三)下午1:00至下午2:00進行系統安全升級
14/07/2020ICTO-IUSPlease update your Zoom Client
請更新您的 Zoom 用戶端
28/07/2020LIB初選截止日期更新: "笹川杯品書知日本徵文大獎賽2020 " (澳門大學初選)
21/07/2020LIB"笹川杯品書知日本徵文大獎賽2020 "通知 (澳門大學初選)
16/07/2020LIBLibrary News -- Updated: Library’s opening hours from July 17 to August 31 2020
圖書館消息 -- 更新: 圖書館在2020年7月17日至8月31的開放時間
23/07/2020MCMCProfessor Kevin Thompson appointed to Collegiate Way International Board
06/08/2020OSAExternal Sports Activity: Hike for Fun, organized by Sports Bureau (Registration Deadline: 9 Sep, 23 Sep, 30 Sep)
校外體育活動:體育局 - 2020大眾行山樂 (截止報名日期: 9月9日, 9月23日, 9月30日)
04/08/2020OSAExternal Sports Activity: Bike for Fun, organized by Sports Bureau (Registration Deadline: 28 Aug, 11 Sep, 9 Oct)
校外體育活動:體育局 - 2020大眾單車遊 (截止報名日期: 8月28日, 9月11日, 10月9日)
29/07/2020OSAExternal Sports Activity: Beach Recreational and Sports Activities, organized by Sports Bureau (Activity Date: 9 August)
校外體育活動:體育局 - 2020盛夏沙灘康體樂 (活動日期: 8月9日)
20/07/2020OSAExternal Sports Activity: 2020 Summer Sports Festival, organized by Sports Bureau (Registration Deadline: 14 Aug )
校外體育活動:體育局 - 2020夏日競技嘉年華 (截止報名日期: 8月14日)
15/04/2020OSANOTICE: Arrangement of Reopening of Some UM Sports Facilities
06/03/2020OSAExternal Activity: 2020 "Macao Sport" Photography Competition organized by Macau Sports Bureau (Submission deadline: 4 Jan 2021)
校外活動 : 澳門體育局 - 2020澳門體育活動專題攝影比賽 (收件日期:即日起至2021年1月4日)
16/01/2020OSASports - Weekly Pool Cleaning Arrangement for UM Swimming Pool in 2020
體育 - 2020年澳大游泳館每週清潔日安排
03/12/2019OSASports: Closure Dates and Time for Monthly Surface Cleaning of Outdoor Basketball and Tennis Courts in Year 2020
08/06/2020REGTuition Fee Scheme of Minor Programme and Honours College Certificate Programme for Academic Year 2020/2021
27/05/2020REGUniversity Almanac for Academic Year 2020/2021 (Final Version)
26/11/2019REGTuition Fee Scheme of Bachelor's Degree Programmes for Academic Year 2020/2021
21/05/2019REGUniversity Almanac for Academic Year 2019/2020 (Final Version)
07/08/2020SAOUM Public Speaking Team invited outstanding speaker to the summer workshops
05/08/2020SAOExternal Activity: IAM: Writing Competition for the 40th Anniversary of Macau Greening Week (Deadline for Application: 25 Sep)
校外活動: 市政署: 「漫『澳』遍『綠』邁四十」澳門綠化週徵文比賽 (截止日期: 9月25日)
31/07/2020SAOExternal Activity: Macao Community Youth Volunteers Development Association: Experiential Training on Volunteer Services Planning
校外活動: 澳門社區青年義工發展協會: 「愛.行義」 - 社會服務新體驗系列活動
21/07/2020SAOExternal Activity: CPTTM: 3D Object Design Competition and Training Course
校外活動: 澳門生產力暨科技轉移中心: 創意3D物件設計比賽及賽前培訓班
09/07/2020SAOExternal Activity: General Association of Chinese Students of Macao: Chinese Writing Brush Promotional Activity Series
校外活動: 澳門中華學生聯合總會: 慶祝澳門中華學生聯合總會成立七十周年「追源溯本」毛筆推廣系列活動
09/07/2020SAOExternal Activity: Macau Basic Law Promotion Association: "Powerpoint Showcase Competition on Basic Law" (Deadline for Application: 6 Oct)
校外活動: 澳門基本法推廣協會: 基本法演示文稿Powerpoint 設計比賽(截止日期:10月6日)
09/07/2020SAOExternal Activity: Associação de Divulgação da Lei Básica de Macau : Basic Law Promotion Video Production Competition 2020 (Deadline for Application: 6 Oct)
校外活動: 澳門基本法推廣協會: 2020基本法宣傳短片創作比賽(截止日期: 10月6日)
03/07/2020SAOExternal Activity: Macau Jiangmen Youths Association: Writing Competition (Deadline for Application: 15 Oct)
校外活動: 澳門江門青年會: 第六屆《我眼中的澳門》徵文比賽 (截止日期: 10月15日)
02/07/2020SAOExternal Activity: The dance moment of UM Dance Troupe appears in “Since The ‘70S”
校外活動:澳大舞蹈隊剪影現“過去.現在.未來” 之舞蹈四十年展覽
20/07/2020SAO-SCSSafe School Network Bulletin by Judiciary Police
15/07/2020SAO-SCSSafe School Network Bulletin by Judiciary Police
09/07/2020SAO-SCSSafe School Network Bulletin by Judiciary Police
26/06/2020SAO-SCSExternal activity: Drug Prevention "RAP Together"
03/08/2020SAO-SCS-CDCOutside Activity: Deloitte Campus Recruitment for 2021 career opportunities is open for application now (Deadline: 10 Oct)
校外活動: 德勤現正為2021年的聘位空缺進行校園招聘(截止報名日期:10月10日)
03/08/2020SAO-SCS-CDCOutside Activity: 2020 Grand Lisboa Palace Recruitment Fair
24/07/2020SAO-SDSUMPA Notice for General Assembly Standing Committee No. 2/2020: Notice of Establishment of 1st UMPA Interim Regulatory Agency
澳門大學研究生會 第2/2020 號常務委員會通告: 第一屆澳門大學研究生會臨時管理機構成立
15/06/2020SAO-SDS2019/2020 UM Student Awards - Campus Training Programme (CTP)
2019/2020 澳門大學學生獎項 - 校園培訓計劃
29/05/2020SAO-SDSUMPA: Notice for Election Committee No. 3/2020 - The Updated Agenda of the Election for the 15th Leaders of UMPA
澳門大學研究生會第3/2020 號選舉委員會通告: 公佈更新第十五屆澳門大學研究生會領導機關選舉日程
03/04/2020SAO-SDS2019-20 UM Email Address for UMPA and their active sub-organizations
2019-20 澳門大學研究生會及其有效附屬組織之澳大電郵地址
16/01/2020SAO-SDS2020 UM Email Address for UMSU and their active sub-organizations
2020年 澳門大學學生會及其有效附屬組織之澳大電郵地址
02/01/2020SAO-SDSUM Committee Student Representative List 2020
澳門大學委員會學生代表名單 2020
07/08/2020SAO-SRSSAO Wechat Official Account is LAUNCHED!
06/08/2020SAO-SRSUM English Debating Team broke Monash Australs 2020 (EFL category)
澳門大學英語辯論隊在2020年澳大拉西亞校際辯論錦標賽(Monash Australs 2020)中躋身英語為外語組別(EFL)前八名
06/08/2020SAO-SRSReminder: Call for Application: The 40th Anniversary of University of Macau Logo and Slogan Design Competition (Application deadline: 6 September 2020)
提提您: 誠邀參加: 澳門大學四十週年“標誌”及“標語”設計比賽 (截止日期由即日起至2020年9月6日)
20/07/2020SAO-SRSLuggage Handling Result for Year 2020
17/07/2020SAO-SRSCalling for participation:『UM MEMBERS: WORK TOGETHER TO FIGHT CORONAVIRUS』 Short Video Shooting Contest organise by SRS
誠邀參與: 學生資源處舉辦『澳大人:眾志成城 ● 齊心抗疫』短片拍攝比賽
10/07/2020SAO-SRSStudent Housing: Room Allocation Results of Postgraduate House Application for 1st Semester of Academic Year 2020/2021
學生住宿: 2020/2021學年第1學期研究生宿舍房間分配結果
15/05/2020SAO-SRSI have a date with UM after the epidemic
15/05/2020SAO-SRS"Meeting You, When the Flowers Bloom" for the Special Spring of 2020
11/05/2020SAO-SRSUM Cultural & Arts Anti-COVID-19 Collection Series - UM Dance Troupe presents "Keep Learning and Training: The 5th anniversary of UM Dance Troupe Photo Exhibition: Expectation" dedicated to those who...
澳大文化藝術抗疫作品系列 - 澳門大學舞蹈隊呈獻"“停課,不停學不停練” :展望 — 澳門大學舞蹈隊成立五周年圖片分享展",謹以此圖片展獻給所有抗疫人員
06/05/2020SAO-SRSU-teams: Keep Learning, Keep Training amid Class Suspension--SRS Anti-COVID-19 website is ready to share

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