How to change your Lotus Notes Password and Lotus Notes Internet Password?

Part I: Change Your Lotus Notes Login Password (Lotus Notes Client)

1. Choose File - Security - User Security.

2. Enter your Lotus Notes password

3. Click Security Basics and then click on "Change Password" button under
Your Log On and Password Settings."

4. Enter your Lotus Notes password

5. In the "Change Password" dialog box, enter a new password in the "Enter new password" field, and then enter it again in the "Re-enter new password" field.

6. Click OK.

If you are synchronizing your Notes password with Windows password or with your Notes Internet password, the "Change password" dialog box will indicate which passwords are being updated.

Part II: Change Your Lotus Notes Internet Password

Your Lotus Notes Internet password is individual password for logging on Lotus Notes through web interface. It can be different from your Lotus Notes Password.

1. Open Lotus Notes.
2. Select and double Click to open “UMAC's Address Book”
Remark: UM3 is one of our Notes Servers. You may also see "on UM3", "on UM2" or "on UM_Gateway".


3. Locate your name from the list, by firstly typing your department code and then your name.
4. Click "Edit Person" at the top of the screen.
5. Select "Basics" tab.
6. Press "Enter Password" button at the field "Internet Password" to change it.

7. Enter your new Lotus Notes Internet password.

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