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Financial Aid and Scholarship Application

Category : Finance Posted by : CandyWu/UMAC
Ref. No : CWUU-8R5DZ9 Effective Date : 2/5/2019
Department : SAO Posted Date : 29/4/2019

Scholarship Application Form 獎學金申請表
S-032-F-SDS Scholarship Application Form_Rev001 (20182019).pdfS-032-F-SDS Scholarship Application Form_Rev001 (20182019).pdf

Declaration of Household Income 家庭收入聲明書
S-024-F-SDS Declaration of Household Income_Rev003 (fillable).pdfS-024-F-SDS Declaration of Household Income_Rev003 (fillable).pdf

Declaration of No Income 無收入聲明書
S-023-F-SDS Declaration of No Income_Rev001 (fillable).pdfS-023-F-SDS Declaration of No Income_Rev001 (fillable).pdf

If you cannot provide the Salary Proof, please fill in the following Declaration of Income 如果不能提供僱主所發出之收入聲明,請填寫此附件:
S-022-F-SDS Declaration of Income_Rev001 (fillable).pdfS-022-F-SDS Declaration of Income_Rev001 (fillable).pdf

*UM Students Proof of Financial Status 澳大學生經濟情況調查表
S-025-F-SDS Financial Proof (for Mainland Chinese Students)_Rev003.pdfS-025-F-SDS Financial Proof (for Mainland Chinese Students)_Rev003.pdf