TitleSorted descendingDate
70-00007User guide for Pre-Enrolment SystemAttachment Icon22/08/2014
70-00108User guide for Academic Staff Portfolio System
教學人員歷程檔 – 用戶指引
Attachment Icon26/10/2016
70-00205User Document for UM Leave Management System (for system Admin.)Attachment Icon15/08/2014
70-00204User Dcoument for UM Leave Management System網上缺勤申請系統Attachment Icon15/08/2014
70-00006Submission of Course Add/Drop Requests on the WebAttachment Icon22/08/2014
70-00106Section List - User Guide
課堂名單 – 用戶指引
Attachment Icon22/08/2014
70-00203Installation Guide for Oracle Discoverer (Web Ver.)Attachment Icon27/05/2015
70-00107Course Result Entry for Academic Staff (web version) – Operation Guidelines
科目成績登分操作指引 (網上版)
Attachment Icon15/08/2014
70-00206Automation System (UM Phone Book)Attachment Icon15/08/2014