University Transportation Services for Staff in Academic Year 2020/2021
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Department :CMDO-STSPosted Date : 04/09/2020
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Dear Colleagues,

With commencement of the new academic year, the Security and Transport Section (STS) would like to take this opportunity to introduce our transportation services to all of you, which include 1) campus loop shuttle service, 2) staff shuttle bus service during morning and evening peak hours, 3) campus parking and 4) information about taking public buses to campus, please refer to the tables below for the details.

For enquiries, please contact our STS colleagues at 8822 8651 or 8822 8652 or email to

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,
Security and Transport Section

Information for Taking Public Buses to Campus
Information for Public Buses to Campus

There are four public bus routes reaching UM, which are 71, 72, 73 and overnight bus route N6. For the detailed schedule of the routes, please visit the "Bus Traveling System" App and the "Traffic Information Station" App launched by DSAT. Please refer to the attached 4 bus routes and map of bus stop for details, which were updated on 4 September 2020.
Please refer to the attached bus routes and map of bus stop for details.
busroute巴士路線71_20200904.pdfbusroute巴士路線71_20200904.pdfbusroute巴士路線72_20200904.pdfbusroute巴士路線72_20200904.pdfbusroute巴士路線73_20200904.pdfbusroute巴士路線73_20200904.pdfbusroute巴士路線N6_20200904.pdfbusroute巴士路線N6_20200904.pdfPublic bus stops on UM campus.jpg
*For the latest public bus service arrangement, please visit DSAT website:

Bus Traveling System App (巴士報站)

The Bus Traveling System App launched by DSAT has a "Point to point" function (please refer to the screen below). Users can use this app to check the real time bus route information, and check the travel plan to different locations. Staff and Students are welcome to download this app (QR Codes are enclosed below) or directly visit DSAT website for details.


The last but not the least, passengers are advised to queue up for bus boarding and pay attention to the road traffic before getting on or off the bus.