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Friendly Reminder: Enrolment for the in-house training course: "To Enjoy Your Job - Passion At Work", "ShareDM and eForm", & "Effective Meeting Skills" will end today (20/05/2019)
提提您:內部培訓課程: 「如何享受你的工作-維持工作熱情」、「ShareDM 及 eForm 培訓」 及「有效會議技巧」將於今天(20/05/2019) 截止報名
Ref. No : EICC-BC96EVPosted by :ElizabethICChan/UMAC
Department :ADMO-HRSPosted Date : 17/05/2019
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Dear Colleagues,

A friendly reminder that the enrolment for in-house training courses "To Enjoy Your Job - Passion at Work", "ShareDM and eForm Briefing", "Practice on Public Administration" & "Effective Meeting Skills" will end today (20/05/2019).

提提您:內部培訓課程 如何享受你的工作-維持工作熱情」、「ShareDM 及 eForm 培訓、「公共行政實務-政府採購 及 「有效會議技巧 將於今天(20/05/2019) 截止報名!

Don't miss out and enrol now! 請即把握機會報名!!
Kindly fill in and return the enclosed enrolment form to Ms. Yoyo Lau or Ms. Elizabeth Chan of the Human Resources Section on or before the deadline.

Enquiries/查詢: ext. 8591/8526, e-mail: HR_Training@um.edu.mo

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