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Locker Layout

Category : Administration Posted by : ChristinaLei/UMAC
  Accommodation & Facility Management     
Ref. No : CLEI-9NNCZD Effective Date : 5/9/2014
Department : SAO Posted Date : 5/9/2014

Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesG/F: FAH G_F.pdfFAH G_F.pdf
1/F: FAH 1F.pdfFAH 1F.pdf
Faculty of Business Administration1/F: FBA_1F.pdfFBA_1F.pdf 3/F: FBA_3F.pdfFBA_3F.pdf
2/F:FBA_2F.pdfFBA_2F.pdf 4/F: FBA 4F.pdfFBA 4F.pdf
Faculty of Education1/F: FED_1F.pdfFED_1F.pdf
2/F: FED_2F.pdfFED_2F.pdf
Faculty of Health Sciences G/F: FHS G_F.pdfFHS G_F.pdf
Faculty of Law G/F: FLL G_F.pdfFLL G_F.pdf
Faculty of Social SciencesG/F: FSS G_F.pdfFSS G_F.pdf
1/F: FSS 1_F.pdfFSS 1_F.pdf
Faculty of Science and TechnologyG/F: FST_GF.pdfFST_GF.pdf
1/F: FST_1F.pdfFST_1F.pdf
Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences – Open Research Building 6/F: ICMS_6F.pdfICMS_6F.pdf
Central Teaching Building (E3)G/F: E3_GF.pdfE3_GF.pdf
1/F: E3_1F.pdfE3_1F.pdf
2/F: E3_2F.pdfE3_2F.pdf
Central Teaching Building (E4)G/F:E4.pdfE4.pdf